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167+ Barbershop Slogans & Taglines Ideas To Attract More Customers

barbershop slogans
Written by Danish Ali

Barbershop Slogans are one of the core things that are required by any professional barbershop. One can easily take help from various sources available but it is always recommended to make your own Slogans because after all, these slogans are going to be associated with your business and you need to make sure they represent exactly what you want them to do.

Barbershop Slogans Ideas List for Marketing.

Here are some phrases that can be used in the barbershop industry. These are pretty standard slogans but can easily be modified to fit any business or idea. Just think of a friendly phrase and add your brand name on it and you’ll get what you need;

  • The usual barbershop
  • A fresh perspective of the usual barbershop!
  • Salon services + Barbershop = Our salon
  • Come in and experience a new sense of style. Also, enjoy your coffee while you wait!
  • Look good to feel great!
  • We’re not just a hair salon; we’re a place for everyone!
  • Where stylish haircuts speak louder than words.
  • What do you want? Just ask us and we’ll provide it for you. With our skilled staff, anything is possible. No problem too small or too big so doesn’t hesitate to let us know!
  • Always remember – You are unique so your hair should be too. Don’t forget to check out our special offers today!
  • Experience something new…
  • Brand New Look is here at an affordable price! Come in and see what we can do for you.
  • For all your haircut needs, come into the shop that cares.
  • Our staff is hand-picked by individuals with excellent credentials in their respective fields; they truly care about what they do & it shows every time you pay them a visit! We look forward to seeing you soon
  • Brand New Look Barber Shop, where the difference is made with every cut.16) It’s not just a cut, it’s an experience.
  • Where style is defined by who you are not the clothes you wear…
  • We have a knowledgeable staff, quick service, and best of all affordable prices! Come in for your next haircut!19) All haircuts under $20 today only!
  • Great Hair, isn’t so hard to find…we’ve got it at Brand New Look Barber Shop.
  • It’s time for your haircut; come get one at Brand New Look Barber Shop.
  • The right cut makes all the difference… why don’t you let our experienced barbers do their thing? At Brand New Look Barber Shop we’re here to make sure you look good coming & going.
  • At Brand New Look Barber Shop you’re sure to walk out looking great!

Focus on keeping it short & crisp! This one works every time because people prefer short-term marketing rather than a long one. Try different ideas but make sure there are no grammatical errors in your slogan or phrase while pronouncing them because this could not only make you look unprofessional but also degrade trust between customers & the company’s credibility.

barber shop tagline
barber shop tagline

Best Barbershop Advertising Slogans.

Let’s consider some great barbershop slogans that motivate and inspire people. Or maybe even some leadership quotes. So why would you go to a salon if not for an awesome haircut?! One reason could be because you love having fresh styles from time to time without going too extreme. You might have been trying new things every month but your next purchase will have nothing to do with those ‘hair-brained’ ideas! 😉

  • We believe that a new style is only as good as the person behind it.
  • For haircuts under $20 come into Brand New Look Barber Shop today!
  • Building your confidence starts with a brand new look…come over and see how we can help!
  • There’s nothing better than feeling clean & fresh after a haircut, isn’t there? Get one at Brand New Look Barber Shop so you can get on with your day without worrying about your hair.
  • Remember this moment… because right here, right now is where it all begins! Come get a haircut at our barbershop today.
  • A style that’s all you. Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • We don’t cut corners; we cut hair! So come get yours cut at our barbershop today.
  • For great haircuts in a cool atmosphere, come to us
  • Come into the barbershop where every haircut is an experience.
  • Barbershop – A place for everyone.
  • Looking good has never been this much fun…come & see why it’s so easy to look your best at Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • At Brand New Look Barber Shop you’ll feel like family… come in and find out why soon.
  • The only way to top off the perfect outfit is with a stylish haircut from Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • There’s nothing better than a new haircut & a fresh look…Why don’t you come to see us today?
  • Don’t wait, get your first cut for only $8.95!
  • At Brand New Look Barber Shop we believe that once you try us out you’ll find why we’re the best in town.
  • 40) We have over 20 years of experience providing quality haircuts at an affordable price… What more could you ask for?
  • We’ve been satisfying clients for over 20 years! So come get a haircut from our skilled barbers today.
  • You’ll love the Brand New Look Barber Shop Difference!
  • Your satisfaction is our guarantee…we want you to come back again and again so we’re willing to put in that extra effort just for you!
  • Our expert staff knows how to achieve your hair goals & help you find exactly what you’re looking for… and don’t worry, we keep up with the latest trends so no matter how much your look changes we’ll be able to make it work.

Always keep your Slogans, Professional, this is an age-old business so it is safe to keep your Slogans traditional. No need to get too much funky with phrases, words, etc because you are already dealing with customers who are not too young and the target audience then the best thing that can work for you is to keep things simple yet professional.

Catchy Tagline For Barbershop

This is a tough industry to get into, and a tough industry to stay in. Most men only go to the barber shop twice a month. That means you have about 30 days between visits. It’s not much time for hair growth, so if the client isn’t happy with the cut or shave—or worse yet, doesn’t return at all—you’ve got some work to do! Some basic research will help you beef up your list of slogans from which to choose.

  • When was the last time you left a barbershop happy? Why not try one of ours? You could be leaving with a smile on your face today!
  • Our barbershop has been satisfying clients for over 20 years…let our experience work to your advantage by making you look great.
  • Don’t just settle for a good haircut, come in and experience the best at Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • There’s nothing worse than having bad hair… that’s why we’re here to make sure you leave looking sharp every time.
  • You’ll feel like everyone else when after you get a new hairstyle from us… come see what we can do for you today.
  • Come and see the difference we make with every cut…we guarantee it will be one worth remembering!
  • It might be hard to believe but there is no better haircut out there than the one we offer… and we’re here to prove it to you!
  • Look good, feel good. There’s no better reason than that for coming in and getting a new hairstyle from Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • We want you to love your haircut & even more importantly we want you to come back… that’s why we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you want every time.54)
  • Experience the barbershop where everyone goes home looking great… without emptying their pockets at the same time!
  • Now everyone can look like a celebrity with a new haircut…it doesn’t matter if you have an important meeting or just going out on a fun night with friends because our skilled barbers can handle it.
  • We’re your favorite barbershop in town! You’ll find out why after you come and see us today.
  • If you don’t think we can make a difference then come try us…we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
  • Is it time for a new look? Then stop by our barbershop because we want to prove that we’re the best around!
  • At Brand New Look Barber Shop we pride ourselves on making sure every client leaves happy… so what are you waiting for?
  • We’ve been here since 1989 and we continue to grow and expand, which means one thing: We must be doing something right. Come get a look at the reason everyone loves us so much!
  • Our barbershop has everything you need to look like your best.
  • Let us put our 20 years of experience to the test… we’re confident that Brand New Look Barber Shop can give you more than what you’re looking for!
  • You don’t have to break the bank every time you want a new hairstyle, come see why everyone is talking about Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • Our skilled barbers are ready to make sure all of your hair dreams become reality…contact us today and see what we can do for you.
  • Are you tired of getting haircuts at other barbershops only to leave disappointed? Well, stop leaving unhappy because there’s no better barbershop than New Look Barber Shop out there.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your hair…come get a haircut from one of the best barbershops around.
  • Quality, affordable haircuts that you can only get at Brand New Look Barber Shop!
  • Our barbers understand that having an attractive hairstyle is critical…let us give you what you want so we can show off your new look!
  • What good is a great haircut if no one knows about it? At Brand New Look Barber Shop we work hard so everyone knows about our services and the incredible results we provide!
  • Don’t waste time going to other barbershops when we’re right here ready to meet all of your needs.

Make sure there is the perfect balance between the Characteristics of your service & the benefits provided by you. It should not sound too much like selling anything or forcing people into buying something rather it should focus on representing why people will love doing business with you.

Important Points of Good Barbershop Business Slogans.

  • Don’t try too hard to fill up your Slogan with adjectives or text but rather show your creativity & uniqueness through the words you choose. The easier it gets for people to recall, repeat and recall again is what makes Slogan successful in terms of marketing.
  • Keep an eye on the competition! It is always good to know what others are up to so go ahead watch some videos & read articles related to barbershop slogans over the web and find out how they convey their ideas, which things work for them etc.
  • If possible pick a slogan that works as a tagline as well: A good thing about picking a creative and catchy slogan is that if chosen correctly this could also be used as a Tagline which will not only make your branding efficient but also save you time & resources required for creating a tagline.
  • A Powerful Visual Slogan always works: Sometimes a powerful visual slogan work better than a text-based one and if you have a good graphic designer then it would be great to come up with a creative design that can capture the attention of the people in an instant. Of course, this will allow you to convey your message & idea at glance but make sure you go with something clever unless having a catchy image with any random words is not going to help you in the long run!
  • Include the company’s name or brand logo: Another thing that also works for your business is including your brand name or logo somewhere in the Slogan so that whenever someone sees it they instantly understand who came up with it and what does this Slogan mean!
  • Try getting your Barbershop Slogans reviewed by other people: Take help from family members, friends, and colleagues for having honest opinions about how well your slogan is working out. There might be some things you don’t want to listen but this is the best way to come up with an efficient slogan that can work as a marketing tool for your business.
  • Last but not least; Don’t lose hope if these points do not work for you because it doesn’t necessarily mean that your Slogan has no potential rather there could be something wrong with the phrasing or words used which needs to be edited in such a way that it conveys what you actually want it to! So keep trying until you find one thing that works for you, your family members, and your company!


If you are looking for Barbershop slogans, then this article also may help you to find the best marketing slogan ideas. Once again I want to remind you that all of the advertising slogans here are presented are free for use. It’s a little gift from me to support your local businesses and barbershops Slogans in particular.

Good luck!

barber shop advertising slogans
barber shop advertising slogans

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