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115 Discount email subject lines ideas to Get More Traffic

Discount email subject lines ideas to Get More Traffic
Written by Danish Ali

Our email list is one of the best ways to get more traffic. But what should we say in our emails? We’ve compiled 115 discount email subject lines ideas to generate more sales and traffic for your business. Whether you’re looking for something creative, funny or catchy, this post has you covered!

Email subject lines are crucial for getting people to open your emails, click on links, and read the content. If you’re struggling to come up with a catchy email subject line that will help you get more traffic. Whether you are a business owner or marketer, these subject lines will help get your message seen by more people. From humorous to informative, there is something for everyone in this list. So what are you waiting for? Start writing those emails now!

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free shipping email subject lines

Discount email subject lines

  • Introducing our biggest sale of the year!
  • Don’t miss out on our biggest discounts yet!
  • Get ahead of the holiday rush with our biggest sale of the season!
  • End the year on a high note with our huge end-of-year sale!
  • Save big on your holiday shopping this year!
  • New year, new savings! Check out our latest discounts!
  • score big savings on your favorite brands!
  • It’s time to treat yourself! Check out our latest sale items!
  • Spring into savings with our latest discounts!
  • Summer is here and so are the incredible savings!
  • Fall back into great deals with our latest discounts!
  • major winter savings are just a click away!
  • Stock up for the holidays with massive savings now available!
  • Give the gift of savings this holiday season!
  • Happy New Year! Start the year off right with our amazing discounts!
  • You Won’t Believe These Amazing Deals!
  • Check Out These Incredible Savings!
  • Don’t Miss Out on These Great Offers!
  • Hurry Before These Deals Run Out!
  • Get ajump on Your Holiday Shopping with These Fantastic Discounts!
  • Swing into Savings with These Terrific Deals!
  • Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning with These Huge Savings!
  • Make Room in Your Closet for These Amazing Discounts!
  • It’s Officially Fall, and We’re Celebrating with Some Fantastic Deals!
  • Sign Up Now to Get Access to Exclusive Discounts and Promotions!
  • Don’t Miss Out – Sales Ends Soon!
  • “Save X% on your next purchase!”
  • “X% off your favorite products!”
  • “Time-sensitive: X% off ends tonight!”
  • “New markdowns: Up to X% off!”
  • “Major sale: Up to X% off!”
  • “Hurry! X% off ends soon!”
  • “Final hours: Save X%!”
  • “[Popular product] X% off while supplies last!”
  • “[ Brand] ‘s biggest sale of the year: Up to X% off!”
  • “Shop now and save X%!”
  • ” hours only! Save X%”
  • ” days only

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Free shipping email subject lines

  • You’ve been chosen! Free shipping inside.
  • Your package is on its way – free shipping for you!
  • Time’s running out…enjoy free shipping while you still can!
  • Treat yourself today with free shipping on your order
  • You could be one of the lucky ones…free shipping ahead!
  • You’re in for a real treat…free shipping straight to your door!
  • One small step for you, one giant leap towards free shipping!
  • Your order is almost complete… free shipping awaits!
  • Let us take care of the shipping – it’s on us!
  • We hope you enjoy your purchase…and the free shipping!
  • Relax and let us take care of the delivery – it’s on us!
  • All aboard the free shipping train!
  • Hold on tight…free shipping is coming your way!
  • It’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some free shipping!
  • We know what you need…and it’s free shipping straight to your door!
  • “Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Early With Free Shipping!”
  • “Free Shipping On All Orders – Today Only!”
  • “Shop Now And Get Free Shipping On Your Entire Order!”
  • “Need A Last Minute Gift? We’ve Got You Covered With Free Shipping!”
  • “Take Advantage Of Our Biggest Sale Ever – Plus Free Shipping!”
  • “New Arrivals Just In Time For Spring – Plus Free Shipping!”
  • “Summer blowout sale! Up To 50% Off + Free Shipping!”
  • “End Of Season Sale – Up To 70% Off + Free Shipping!”
  • “‘Back To School’ Shopping Made Easy With Free Shipping!”
  • “Huge Fall Sale! Save On Your Favorite Brands + Free Shipping!”
  • “Tic The Season! Shop Now And Get Free Shipping On All Orders!”
  • “Get A Head Start On Your Holiday Shopping With Free Shipping!”

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Promo code email subject line

  • Don’t miss out! Use promo code _ for 10% off your purchase.
  • Ready to save? Use promo code _ for 15% off your order.
  • It’s time to stock up! Use promo code _ for 20% off your purchase.
  • Treat yourself! Use promo code _ for 10% off your order.
  • Spring into savings! Use promo code _ for 15% off your purchase.
  • Get ready to save! Use promo code _ for 10% off your next order.
  • Can’t wait to save? Use promo code _ for 5% off your next purchase.
  • Excited to save? Use promo code _ for 10% off your next order.
  • Get [Percentage] Off Your Next Order!
  • Hurry, Offer Ends Soon!
  • Don’t Miss Out, Use Promo Code [XXXX] Today!
  • Apply This Promo Code to Save [Amount] on Your Purchase!
  • [Number] Days Only! Take Advantage of This Promo Code!
  • Stock Up and Save With This Promo Code!
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on Your Order With This Promo Code!
  • Shop Now and Get [Discount] Off With Promo Code!
  • Treat Yourself and Save With This Promo Code!
  • Give the Gift of Savings With This Promo Code!
  • Save Even More With This Stackable Promo Code!
  • Check Your Email For This Exclusive Promo Code!
  • “Save XX% on your next purchase!”
  • “Get XX% off your order!”
  • “It’s time to save! Use promo code XXXX”
  • “Hurry, offer ends soon!”
  • “Don’t miss out, limited time offer!”
  • “New arrivals – Plus, save XX% off your purchase!”
  • “We’re feeling generous! Get XX% off your order”
  • “Introducing our newest arrival, plus get XX% off!”
  • “Today only – Save XX% on your order!”
  • “‘Tis the season to save! Get XX% off now!”
  • “For a limited time only – Get XX%”
  • “Stackable savings! Use promo code XXXX”
  • “Free shipping on all orders over $XX!”
  • “$XX off your first purchase!”

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Quick Tips To Write subject lines ideas to Get More Traffic

When emailing your subscribers, it’s important to craft a subject line that grabs their attention and compels them to open the email. After all, if they don’t open it, they can’t see what discounts you have to offer!

Here are some quick tips for writing effective discount email subject lines:

1. Use Strong Words: Promotional emails with simple and straightforward words do not get opened, let alone clicked. Instead, use strong verbs like “boost,” “save,” or “power.”

2. Use Numbers: People love to see numbers written in subject lines because it’s easy for them to process them quickly. Whether you’re offering a percentage off or a dollar amount off, this helps get people to open the email.

3. Use Personalization: Be sure to inject some personalization into your subject lines by mentioning customers’ names and where they’re from—this will help motivate them to be more interested in discounts!

4. Create a Sense of Urgency: This is especially important if you’re running a time-sensitive sale. Use phrases like “Hurry, only X days left!” to create a sense of urgency and encourage people to act fast.

By following these simple tips, you can increase your chances of getting more people to open and click through your promotional emails! And who knows, maybe you’ll even snag a few new customers in the process.

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What are your thoughts? Let Me Know & Comment below. 115 Discount email subject lines ideas to Get More Traffic – These marketing tips will help you get more traffic and sales! The truth is, it’s not all about the product or even the quality of content on your website—getting people to visit your site in the first place is half the battle. Email campaigns can be a great way to reach out to potential customers who haven’t seen what you have to offer yet. And once they see how awesome you are, chances are high that they’ll want some kind of discount code for their next purchase just because YOU gave them one!

Discount email subject lines

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