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105+ Email Subject Lines For Sales Prospecting

Email Subject Lines For Sales Prospecting
Written by Danish Ali

Email subject lines are one of the most important pieces of your email marketing campaigns, as you only have a short period to capture attention and interest. In fact, according to Experian’s Data Quality study,  a whopping 93% of consumers check their inboxes within 15 minutes after receiving an email – which means that if your email doesn’t catch their eye right away, it will likely be deleted without a second thought.  Tweet This  The good news is that there are many proven tips and tricks for creating effective sales prospecting emails with engaging subject lines. To help you get started on crafting these highly-effective messages, we’ve put together 105+ examples below…

Email Subject Lines For Sales Prospecting

“How’s your day going?”

“I have a question for you”

“Do you have a moment to chat?”

“Can I ask you about __?”

“What are your thoughts on _?”

“[Company] is hiring!”

“We have a question for you”

“Did you know?”

“What are your thoughts on __?”

“Do you want to hear about our newest product?”

“How is the new year going so far?”

“A quick reminder from us”

“Is this the right time to talk?”

“I have a question for you”

“Are you ready to stop ‘trying’ and start doing?”

“You can’t afford not to read this”

“Your success is on my mind today”

[Subject Line] – [Body of Email]

“Hello, I noticed you’re a member of __

“I’m reaching out to see if you need any help with _?”

“Hi! You may not know me but I wanted to introduce myself and offer my services”

“We have a lot in common – would you like to set up an appointment?”

“I hope this email finds you well!”

“[Company Name] is hiring!”

“I just saw this and thought of you”

“A quick question about your project”

“How are things going?”


“Your business is on my mind today”

“I have some questions for you!”

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Best subject lines for prospecting emails

“Hey, I noticed you’re looking for a new lawnmower”

“I just wanted to reach out and see if we could chat about your needs in the kitchen”

“I understand you’ve been thinking of switching from cable TV to internet-based streaming services”

“We have some amazing deals on [insert product] right now!”

“[Insert company name], do you know what time it is?”

“I want to help you”

“I’m so excited for your business!”

“What’s preventing success?”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“You’re in luck!”

“Hey, it’s me again”

“Do you want to save time and money?”

“We’re not just any old company”

“I’m ready to help”

“You’ve got this!”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“What’s your biggest challenge right now?”

“A question from a potential customer”

“An important update about our product”

“Have you heard?”

“What’s your take on this?”

“I have an idea that could help you out”

“We’re looking for someone like you to join the team”

“How did you hear about us?”

“What’s the biggest challenge your team is facing right now?”

“Can I get your feedback on this new product we’re launching next week?”

“Do you have a minute to talk about our latest campaign launch?”

“May I ask what it was that made you reach out to us today?”

“I’m looking forward to hearing from you!”

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Quick Tips To Write sales prospecting email subject lines

So, what makes a good sales prospecting email subject line? What are some quick tips to write sales prospecting email subject lines? How can you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of prospects?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help you create sales prospecting email subject lines that work:

1. Use personalization carefully |  Do not use “Dear Bob” as the salutation. Emails with this kind of impersonal greeting typically get deleted or filtered before they ever get opened. Use something more specific like “Hey Bob, I am looking for some feedback on our new product XYZ.”

2. Avoid spammy words |  Just like in everyday writing it’s important to be strategic with the words you choose. Avoid spammy or long-worded words that sound cliche or spammy at all costs. Spammy words include terms like “check out this amazing offer” or “how to get free product XYZ.”

3. Keep it short |  It’s extremely important that the prospecting email subject line is short and concise. The longer it is, the less likely it will be opened. Try to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less.

4. Pique their interest |   When it comes to writing good sales prospecting email subject lines, the ultimate goal is to get people interested. This can be done by focusing on benefits, questions or even using curiosity. Another way to make your subject line more compelling is to open with a question instead of a statement.

5. Add urgency |  Adding a sense of urgency to your subject line is great way to the get the reader’s attention. For example, “Last day to save $100” or “Only 5 left in stock.”

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If you’re looking for some fresh email subject lines to use when prospecting your leads, look no further. Our team has compiled a list of 105+ email subject lines that are sure to get the attention of any busy sales representative. Whether you want something witty or even humorous, we’ve got it all right here in this blog post! Comment below and tell us which one is your favorite!

best subject lines for prospecting emails
best subject lines for prospecting emails

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