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117 Event email subject lines examples to get More Booking

Event email subject lines examples
Written by Danish Ali

Are you looking for ways to get more bookings for your events? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 117 Event email subject lines examples that you can use to increase ticket sales. So whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, or anything in between, these subject lines will help get the word out. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Successfully getting people to book events is tough. Email subject lines are one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign and it’s crucial that you use them wisely. Here, we offer examples of successful email subject lines for event planners. You’ll be able to see how other professionals in the industry have been using these emails and get ideas for yourself!

Event email subject lines examples

  • “I can’t believe I missed this!”
  • “It’s happening again”
  • “You’re invited!”
  • “Save the date”
  • “The countdown has begun”
  • .”Join us for a celebration”
  • “Don’t miss out!”
  • “Last chance to get in on this deal!”
  • “You don’t want to miss this”
  • “This is the last time we’ll be selling these tickets at this price!”
  • “We’re giving away $1000 worth of prizes – enter now for your chance to win!”
  • “Get a free sample today and see how our product can change your life”
  • “Hope to see you there!”
  • “Please RSVP”
  • [The event’s name] is happening soon!
  • “It’s time for a celebration!”
  • “Hey! We’re having a party!”
  • “It’s time to celebrate!”
  • “Join us for an event you won’t forget”
  • “We’ve got something special planned for you”
  • “You should come celebrate with us”
  • “This is your chance to make memories that last forever”
  • “Sale Alert!”
  • “You’re invited to our new event”
  • “Join us for an evening of fun and celebration”
  • “Let’s get together!”
  • “Save the date!”
  • “[Event name] is happening this weekend – don’t miss out!
  • “Hey, we’re having an event!”
  • “Join us for a night of fun”
  • “We’re throwing a party and you’re invited!”
  • “It’s our last chance to see them before they go on tour”
  • “Can’t wait to see you there!”
  • “You won’t want to miss this.”
  • “Here’s what you missed!”
  • “We’ve got something for everyone”
  • “This is your chance to get involved!”
  • “What are you waiting for?”
  • “You’re invited”
  • “It’s not too late to sign up”

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Event invite subject lines examples

  • “You’re invited to a party!”
  • “It’s time for another party!”
  • “Party time! You’re invited”
  • “We need your RSVP, please”
  • “Please join us at our next event.”
  • “Can’t wait to see you there!”
  • “You’re invited!”
  • “Join us for an evening of music, drinks, and networking at the _
  • “Don’t miss this event!”
  • “Can you join me?”
  • “I hope to see you there.”
  • “Hey, I hope you can make it!”
  • “Please RSVP”
  • “Can’t wait to see you there!”
  • “Join us for this event”
  • “We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!”
  • “Hope to see your name on the guest list”
  • “I want to see you!”
  • “It’s time”
  • “We need your help”
  • “Join us for a night of fun and laughter”
  • “It’ll be an unforgettable experience”
  • “Join us for an evening of fun”
  • “Don’t miss the event of the year!”
  • “The best party ever is happening soon! RSVP now.”
  • “It’s time to get your dancing shoes on”
  • “We hope you’ll be there with us”
  • We have something you’ll want to see
  • Join the fun at this event!
  • You should come to this event, it’s going to be awesome!
  • Can’t wait for the big day!
  • “Join us for the best event of your year!”
  • “You’re invited to this exclusive event”
  • “The event of the season is coming up fast!”
  • “It’s time to party with us”
  • “We’ve got something special in store for you…”
  • “Hey, we’re having a party!”
  • “Join us for drinks and games”
  • “It’s going to be an epic night”
  • “The best event you’ll ever attend”
  • “There will be food and drink specials all night long”

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Follow up email after event subject line

  • “Thanks for coming!”
  • “I hope you had a great time”
  • “We’ll be in touch soon”
  • “You’re invited to our next event!”
  • “I’m so glad I met you at the party!”
  • “You were a great guest of honor”
  • “It was so nice to see you last night”
  • “Hope your trip went well.”
  • “What did you think of the event?”
  • “Thank you for coming to my event!”
  • “I hope we can meet again soon”
  • “Do you have any questions about what I talked about?”
  • “Thank you for coming to my event!”
  • “I hope we can meet again soon”
  • “Thank you for coming!”
  • “Thanks for making it out last night”
  • “We hope you had a good time!”
  • “We want to know what you thought of the event.”
  • “Please let us know if there was anything we could have done better!”
  • Thank you for attending our event at _
  • I hope you enjoyed the presentation
  • What did you learn from our speaker’s talk about __
  • Did you enjoy meeting other people in attendance, too?”
  • “Thank you for coming!”
  • “I hope to see you again soon”
  • “Please share your thoughts on the event with me”
  • “Your feedback is important to us.”
  • “Please share your thoughts on the event with us.”
  • “We want to hear from you!”
  • “How did we do?”
  • “Great meeting you last night!”
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for coming out last night!”
  • “I hope you’re having a great week so far”
  • “How was your day?”
  • “What’s on your mind lately?”
  • Let me know what your favorite part of the event was
  • We should get together sometime soon and talk about it in person!
  • “I hope you enjoyed the event”
  • “Thank you for attending our event!”

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Quick Tips To Write subject lines examples to get More Booking

1. Keep it short: The subject line should be no more than 50 characters long, as that’s all that will be visible on most devices.

2. Tease the content: Give a little taste of what’s to come in the email, so recipients are compelled to open it.

3. Use power words: Acknowledge the recipient with words like “you,” “your,” and “yours.” Also include words like “announcing,” “new,” and “now.”

4. Segment your list: Strategically identifying your customers is important. It allows you to communicate more effectively with them.

5. Keep it simple: Don’t use all caps, crazy fonts or weird symbols. Use an active voice and if your sentence starts with “Hi,” “Hello” or “Good morning,” lose it!

6. Ask yourself: Would you open this email? If the answer is no, it may be time for a rewrite.

7. Test, test and test again: Send different versions of your subject lines to a small portion of your email list and see which ones get the most opens.

It can be tempting to skip the subject line when drafting an email, but don’t! The subject line is the first line of defence to help get people to open your emails. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you’re writing subject lines:


It’s hard to find the perfect email subject line that will get your event attendees or prospective clients interested in attending. So, we’ve compiled 117 examples of event email subject lines for you to use as inspiration. Some are funny, some are informative and others are just plain weird – but they all work! Let us know which one is your favourite by commenting below. If you need help creating an effective marketing plan with a powerful call-to-action so people can book now, let me know today! I’m here to help make sure you have success at every stage of the sales process from prospecting & lead generation to acquisition & customer retention.

Event email subject lines
Event email subject lines

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