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115 Ideas for email subject lines that Opened

Ideas for email subject lines that Opened
Written by Danish Ali

115 ideas for email subject lines that opened and got a response. We’ve all been there, sitting in front of our inboxes just waiting for something to catch our eye. It can be frustrating when you send out an email blast to your subscribers only to have it go unopened or ignored. That’s why we compiled this list of the best email subject lines that actually worked! Now you can stop sending emails into the abyss and start getting responses from your subscribers!

You don’t need any more excuses not to get results with your marketing campaigns anymore because now you have this list at your disposal. Stop wasting time on trial-and-error tactics and use these tested ideas instead! They’re guaranteed to work for you too! So what are you waiting for?

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subject ideas for email

Subject ideas for email

  • “You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “Are you ready for spring cleaning?”
  • “Introducing our new arrivals!”
  • “Time-sensitive offer – act now!”
  • “Last chance – sale ends today!”
  • “We’ve restocked your favorite items!”
  • “It’s finally here! The (name of event) is today!”
  • “(Name of person), we miss you!”
  • “Thank you for being a loyal customer!”
  • “Feedback survey – please help us improve!”
  • “(Number) ways to (achieve something)”
  • (Number) things you didn’t know about (topic)”
  • “(Topic) myths debunked”
  • “How to (solve a problem)”
  • “Introducing the newest member of our team!”
  • “Welcome to our new website!”
  • “Check out our latest blog post!”
  • “Don’t miss our sale this week!”
  • “Are you ready for the holiday season?”
  • “We have some exciting news to share!”
  • “Now is the time to buy!”
  • “Thank you for being a loyal customer!”
  • “We’re moving! Come see us at our new location!”
  • “It’s time to restock your pantry!”
  • “Introducing our newest product…”
  • “…and it’s on sale now!”
  • “Do you have what it takes to be a VIP? Find out now!”
  • “New year, new products! Come see what’s new in store!”
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  • “You won’t believe what happened next!”
  • “Incredible! This thing actually works?!”
  • “I’m fed up and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”
  • “I just had to share this with you!”
  • “[Name] recommended I get in touch”
  • “Are you free for a quick chat?”
  • “Can I pick your brain for a minute?”
  • “Want to earn an extra $500 this month?”
  • “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong person”
  • The power of possibility: how [blank] can change your life
  • Ideas for living your best life
  • Tips for a happier, healthier you
  • Get the most out of your [ blank ] with these tips
  • [ Number ] ways to improve your [ blank ]
  • The ultimate guide to [ blank ]
  • How to make the most out of your [ blank ]
  • Tips and tricks for a better [ blank ]
  • Ideas for a better [ blank ]
  • The ultimate guide to a perfect [ blank ]
  • How to make your [ blank ] work for you
  • Ideas for a perfect [ blank ]
  • Tips and tricks for the perfect [ blank ]
  • Make the most out of your [ blank ] with these tips
  • Get more out of your [ blank ] with these ideas
  • Ideas to make your [ blank ] work better for you
  • [ Number] things you didn’t know about [blank]
  • [Number] steps to the perfect[blank]

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Email campaign subject line ideas

  • “Alert: Your package is on its way!”
  • “Time’s running out…”
  • “Back to school deals inside!”
  • “Introducing our newest fall arrivals”
  • “It’s been a while since we talked…”
  • “You’re invited: Our private sale starts now!”
  • “‘ VIP access to our biggest sale of the year!”
  • “As seen on TV”
  • “Major news: We’re relaunching our website!”
  • “‘ We heard you’re a fan of [brand/product]…'”
  • “Are you ready for a [type of product] that actually works?”
  • “[Number] reasons why you’ll love our [product/service]”
  • “[Reward] for being one of our loyal customers”
  • “We’re giving away [ prizes] to celebrate [event/milestone]”
  • “[Deadline]: Your chance to get a free [product/sample]”
  • “Surprise! You’ve been selected to receive a [discount/gift]”
  • “Can we ask for a favor?”
  • Time-Sensitive Announcement: Today Only!
  • New Product Release: You’re the First to Know
  • Back in Stock: Your Favorite Item is Now Available
  • Limited Time Offer: Don’t Miss Out! 5. Introducing…
  • Customer Appreciation Sale: Exclusive savings just for you
  • Flash Sale: 24 hours only
  • Season’s Greetings from (Your Company)
  • You’re Invited: Exclusive Event for our VIP Customers
  • New Year, New Savings: (Insert Special Offer)
  • We Miss You! Come Back and Save 15%
  • Happy Birthday! Here’s a Gift Just for You
  • Congratulations! You’ve Won a (Product/Service)
  • We’re Celebrating! Join Us and Save 15%
  • Our Best Deal Yet: 40% Off 16. refer a friend and save
  • “We’re Moving!” Save 20% off your next purchase
  • “Thank you!” A special discount for our loyal customers

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Quick Tips to write subject lines that Opened

If you want your email to be seen, you need to have an eye-catching subject line. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, so make sure your subject line is creative and interesting. Here are a few quick tips to help you come up with ideas for email subject lines:

1. Use numbers or statistics

People love numbers and statistics. If you can find a statistic that is relevant to your topic, use it in your subject line. For example, “3 tips to improve your blog traffic” or “97% of people say this is the best way to lose weight”.

2. Use funny or catchy phrases

If you can come up with funny or catchy Subject lines, it will stand out in people’s inboxes. For example, “Don’t be a chicken, email me!” or “You won’t believe what happened to me this weekend!”.

3. Use questions

Questions are another great way to capture someone’s attention. For example, “Do you have a Gmail account? Here’s why you need it.”, “Have you seen this cat video?”, or “Do you know how to use your smartphone?”.

4. Keep your subject line short

People are very busy these days, so the shorter your email is, the better! Try keeping it under 5 words. For example: “Top 3 reasons to subscribe” or “Do you have time for lunch?”.

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115 Ideas is a lot of ideas, but it’s only the beginning. We would love to continue this conversation with you and get your thoughts on how you could take these email subject lines and make them your own. What works for you? What doesn’t? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share this blog post with your colleagues. The more people who can benefit from great email subject lines, the better!

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