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105 Newspaper slogans Ideas & Example List

Newspaper Slogans & Taglines
Written by Danish Ali

Do you need help with your branding? We have 105 newspaper slogans ideas and example list that will inspire you to create a great slogan for your business. Whether it’s a tagline, motto or strapline, our slogan examples are perfect for any industry. Our slogans are written in the tone of voice of excitement & engagement, so they’re sure to get people talking about your brand!

You can use these newspaper slogans as inspiration when creating your own unique taglines. Or if you don’t want to come up with something on your own, we’ve got plenty of ready-made options too – just pick one and go! It’s never been easier to find an amazing new way to promote yourself online

Our slogans are perfect for newspapers in any industry or niche, no matter what size or location. Whether you run a local weekly or an international magazine, we have something that will work perfectly with your brand! You can use our slogans as is – just copy and paste them into your ad campaign – or customize them however you like. It’s totally up to you how much effort you put into making these slogans fit seamlessly with your company culture and goals. But either way, it won’t take long at all before people start noticing the change in their community because of this new publication!

Slogans on newspaper reading

Newspaper slogans & Tagline ideas

  • Give readers a snapshot of what to expect from your blog
  • Share your opinion on current events or hot topics
  • Highlight a recent article that you found interesting
  • Write about a personal experience that you had
  • Offer advice or tips on a particular topic
  • Share a funny story or meme
  • Give readers a snapshot of the content you’ll be providing
  • Draw attention to your unique selling points
  • Create a sense of urgency or exclusivity
  • Evoke an emotional response
  • Use humor or wit
  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a newspaper.”
  • “The news is never just the news.”
  • “We’re all in this together.”
  • “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
  • “A free press is essential for democracy”
  • “Journalism with Integrity”
  • “We’re the news you need to know.”
  • “You can’t be informed without us.”
  • “It’s time for the truth”
  • “The newspaper that tells it like it is”
  • “Your source of information, straight from the heart of your community”
  • “The paper with all the headlines you want to read.”
  • “We do it all”
  • “Your voice, your choice”
  • “Always on the lookout for what’s next”
  • “The world needs more of you.”
  • “A place to call home.”
  • “It’s not just a newsroom, it’s a family.”
  • “The one and only”
  • “You’re in good hands”
  • “Just the facts, ma’am.”
  • “The world’s best paper”
  • “We are the Voice of America”
  • “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”
  • “This is your life, not theirs.”
  • “A little bit country, a lot rock and roll.”
  • “America’s Favorite Paper for News & Sports.”

Famous newspaper slogans & Catchy Phrases

  • “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
  • “America’s Most Trusted Name in News”
  • “We Report, You Decide”
  • “The World Wide Leader in News and Sports Programming”
  • “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
  • “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
  • “Least Likely To Succeed, Most Likely To Be Creative”
  • “The Truth Shall Make You Free”
  • “America’s Newspaper of Record”
  • “We Are All Witnesses”
  • “The World’s Greatest Newspaper”
  • “What You Read Is What You Get”
  • “Informing, Entertaining, and Educating All of Our Readers !”
  • “America’s Most Trusted Name in News”
  • “Keeping America Informed Since 1852″
  • The New York Times – “All the News That’s Fit to Print”
  • The Guardian – “Independent. Always.”
  • The Washington Post – “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
  • Chicago Tribune – “Of the people, by the people, for the people”
  • Los Angeles Times – “The Nation’s Newspaper”
  • Boston Globe – “It Still Matters”
  • “We Report, You Decide”
  • “The Daily Miracle of Being Alive”
  • “Give Us a Break!”
  • “A Newspaper in Your Neighborhood”
  • “It Is What It Is, Baby!”
  • “What Happens Here, Stays Here”
  • “The World’s Greatest Newspaper”
  • “Informing You, Entertaining You, Inspiring You”
  • “America Needs The Truth!”
  • “More Than Just a Paper…It’s Your Life.”
  • “…And We’ll Never Stop Fighting For It.”
  • “News is what somebody doesn’t want you to print” – William Randolph Hearst
  • “If it bleeds, it leads” – Jerry Della Femina
  • “There is no such thing as bad publicity” – Oscar Wilde
  • “The only way to fight the ills of society is through a strong and free press.”
  • “I am not an expert, but I do know what’s right and wrong.”
  • “We must not be afraid to tell our readers the truth as we see it”
  • “A great newspaper stands or falls by its coverage of local news”
  • “You furnish the pictures, we’ll furnish the war!”

Tagline for news website

  • We report, you decide
  • The news that’s happening now
  • Breaking News and More
  • Latest News and Happenings in Your Area
  • Stay Connected with the World Around You
  • Get All the Latest News on One Site!
  • “News you can use.”
  • “Find out what’s happening in your world.”
  • “The latest and greatest news from around the globe.”
  • “Breaking news, all day, every day.”
  • “We’re here for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”
  • “The best news for you”
  • “Breaking News, 24/7”
  • “Stay informed and stay connected with us.”
  • “Always on the go?”
  • Stay informed with the latest headlines
  • Get the facts, straight from the source
  • join the conversation and help shape the future of journalism

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Slogans on newspaper reading

  • “The news you need, not the fluff.”
  • “We don’t just report the news, we make it.”
  • “Breaking News – You Break It We Fix It”
  • “All The News That’s Fit To Print”
  • “News for all of us”
  • “A Newspaper in Every Home”
  • A newspaper is a place for people to come together
  • “The world is your oyster”
  • “If you want to know the truth, then ask a journalist”
  • “I can’t believe I read this whole thing!”
  • “It’s not just news, it’s our life.”
  • “A newspaper is like a person–it has many pages and lots of thoughts.”
  • “We’re always watching.”
  • “The one stop for all your news needs”
  • “We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world!”
  • “Stay informed, stay current”
  • “Breaking News at your fingertips”
  • “Live coverage of everything that matters.”
  • “You can’t afford not to read us!”
  • “The one thing you read that matters.”
  • “We’re not just about sports, we’re about your life.”
  • “It’s all in the details.”
  • “You can’t tell it all from here.”
  • “Everything is more fun when shared with friends and family”
  • “Breaking news as it happens”
  • “The news you need, not the stuff you want.”
  • “News for people who give a damn.”
  • “It’s about time!”
  • “We’re always on your side”
  • “Hate us if we’re wrong; love us if we’re right.”
  • “Newspapers are the best way to stay informed”
  • “The news is always in print”
  • “Readers are leaders.”
  • “Facts not opinions”
  • “The voice of a free press in America.”
  • “This is how we do it!”

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Where To use Newspaper slogans

There are a number of places where you can use newspaper slogans in order to promote your business. Some of the most effective places to use these slogans include:

  1. Your website or blog
  2. In email marketing campaigns
  3. On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  4. In print advertising campaigns
  5. On product packaging for goods and services
  6. On flyers and leaflets used to promote your business.
  7. In one off communications or marketing campaigns.

This will depend on the audience you are targeting as well as what kind of message you want to send across to them, as well as where their attention is likely to be drawn from more quickly. You may also want to use one slogan on different media, if they are likely to reach your target audience.

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Quick Tips About How To Write Catchy Slogans

Coming up with a catchy slogan for your newspaper can be a daunting task. However, with a little creativity and effort, it can be done. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. The best slogans are brief and easy to remember.
  2. Be specific.
  3. Stay away from clichés, as they will most likely not be effective.
  4. Make the slogan memorable and unique by adding a play on words or creatively spelling out a word.
  5. Come up with a short slogan that grabs readers’ attention and a longer slogan with more information about your paper. You can refer them back to the short slogan,
  6. Get feedback from colleagues and friends before publishing the final product.

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Some Final Thoughts

There are so many different slogans that have been created by newspapers over the years. Some of them are about keeping up with current events, while others focus on getting people informed and aware of what’s happening in their community. Regardless of how they do it, though, these newspaper headlines all serve to inform us in some way or another. Have you thought about your own slogan? What would it be if you had one? What does your company want to achieve through its marketing efforts? Let me know! I hope this article gave you a few ideas for creating an inspiring headline that’s worth reading–and sharing!–in the future!

Newspaper slogans ideas

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