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117 Sales follow up email subject line samples & Ideas

Sales follow up email subject line samples & Ideas
Written by Danish Ali

You’re probably wondering how to get more sales from your existing customers. Well, we have the answer for you! We compiled a list of 117 different sales follow up email subject line that will help you increase conversions and make more money.

Our team has been in business for over 10 years and we know what it takes to convert leads into paying customers. So if you want some fresh ideas on how to improve your current strategies then this is the perfect guide for you! Get ready because these are going to be great emails that bring in tons of revenue.

follow up email subject line for sales

Sales follow up email subject line

  • “Just following up…”
  • “Did you have a chance to check out my proposal?”
  • “I’m just checking in…”
  • “Are you still interested in…”
  • “I wanted to touch base about…”
  • “Just wanted to make sure you saw my latest email/proposal/etc.”
  • “Is now a good time to chat?”
  • “Thanks for (meeting, speaking on the phone, etc.)”
  • “[Mutual connection] suggested I get in touch”
  • “[Referral source] suggested I reach out”
  • “[Similar client] loves working with us”
  • “Just following up…”
  • “Quick question about your project…”
  • “Thought you might find this helpful…”
  • “Are you free for a quick call?”
  • “I’m in the neighborhood, can I drop by?”
  • “Can we meet in person?”
  • “How did your presentation go?”
  • “When do you think you’ll be ready to make a decision?”
  • “Thanks for your time yesterday.”
  • ” Did you have a chance to check out my proposal?”
  • “Thanks for visiting our booth at the trade show.”
  • “Are you still interested in our product/service?”
  • “The ABC Company would love to do business with you
  • Wanted to make sure you saw my message
  • Have you had a chance to check out my proposal?
  • Are you available for a quick call?
  • I have some news that might interest you
  • Follow up from our conversation yesterday
  • Thanks for your time today (and invite to future communication)
  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on my proposal
  • ABC Company – Your Trusted Sales Partner
  • Let me know if there’s anything else I can do
  • Back by Popular Demand – Sales Presentation
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you
  • -Strategies for Increasing Sales
  • -‘Thank You’ goes a long way

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Follow up email subject line for sales

  • Thanks for your time!
  • Here’s what we discussed
  • Check out our website
  • Could you provide feedback?
  • Your input is appreciated
  • Thank you for your interest
  • Looking forward to hearing from you soon
  • Are you still interested?
  • Have you had a chance to check out our product?
  • We would love to hear your thoughts
  • Give us a call if you have any questions
  • Hope to touch base soon
  • Thanks for considering our offer
  • Let us know if you have any questions
  • Follow up on previous conversation
  • Request an update
  • Send information that was requested
  • Check in after meeting
  • Book a meeting
  • “Are you free for a quick call?”
  • “Can we schedule a time to talk?”
  • “Just wanted to check in…”
  • “Time for an update!”
  • “Any news on [project]?”
  • “[Deadline] is approaching, any update?”
  • “How did [meeting] go?”
  • “Action items from our last meeting”
  • “[ mutual acquaintance ] mentioned you might be interested in…”
  • “[ competitor ] is coming out with a new product, have you seen it?”
  • “Thought you might find this article interesting…”
  • “Can I buy you coffee (or lunch)?”
  • ” fireside chat request”
  • “I’m in town next week, can we meet?”
  • “Quick question about [recent event]”
  • “Thanks for [recent event], here’s my thoughts”

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Best subject lines for sales follow up emails

Sales follow up email subject line is very critical aspect while sending follow up emails because if recipients do not open your emails then all your efforts will go in vain.

  • Didn’t hear back from you
  • Quick question
  • Just checking in
  • Wanted to make sure you saw my last email
  • Are you free for a quick call?
  • Have you had a chance to check out my proposal?
  • I have some news for you
  • Get 10% off your first purchase!
  • We’re sorry, we miss you!
  • Highlights from our latest collection
  • New arrivals just in time for summer
  • You’re invited: private sale event
  • 24 hours only: special summer sale
  • Stock up and save on summer essentials
  • Final call: summer clearance sale ends soon!
  • Don’t miss our biggest sale of the season!
  • Back-to-school savings: shop now and save big
  • Fall into savings: massive clearance event happening now
  • Winter wonderland: cozy up with our latest arrivals
  • Freshen up for spring: new arrivals just in!
  • It’s your lucky day! Massive clearance sale happening now
  • We’re closing in on a decision
  • Here’s an update on our project
  • Moving forward with our project
  • I need your help with something
  • Your input is needed
  • Can I get your feedback on this?
  • Will you be attending the conference?
  • I’ll be in your area tomorrow and wanted to see if we could meet
  • “Did you receive my previous email?”
  • “Are you available for a quick call?”
  • “I wanted to follow up on our conversation”
  • “Can I answer any questions?”
  • “Are you free for a call tomorrow?”
  • “Quick question about your project”

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Tips To write mail subject line ideas

Sales follow up email is an important tool for sales representatives. It helps to keep the conversation going with potential customers, and can help to close more deals. When writing a sales follow up email, it’s important to craft a subject line that will grab the reader’s attention. Here are some tips for writing effective subject lines for sales follow up emails:

1. Keep it short and sweet

The subject line of a sales follow up email should be brief, but effective. You want to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to open the email. A long subject line can be overwhelming and may not get read. Keep it concise and to the point, but also keep it interesting.

2. Make use of power words

Power words are specific words that grab the reader’s attention and evoke a feeling or an idea. For example, “exclusive” or “urgent” are both strong power words that make the reader stop and take notice. When writing a subject line for a sales follow up email, use power words to create a sense of urgency or excitement.

3. Use the recipient’s name

If you have the recipient’s name, use it in the subject line. This will help to grab their attention and make them more likely to open the email. Personalization is key when it comes to email marketing, so make the most of using your recipient’s name in the subject line.

4. Avoid spam words

Spam words are overused in marketing, and may cause the reader to immediately delete any message that contains these words. Words like “free,” “guarantee,” and “sale” are all spam words that you should avoid using in your subject line.

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There are so many different types of sales follow up email subject lines that it can be tough to know which one will work best for your business. If you’re looking to get more people interested in what you have to offer, try coming back with a question or an opinion-based statement. That way, the reader has something to respond too and they may become engaged enough to take the next step in their purchasing process. Have any other ideas? Let me know! Leave your thoughts below…

best subject lines for sales follow up emails

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