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109 Testimonial request email subject lines ideas & Samples

Tips To write request email subject line ideas & Samples
Written by Danish Ali

Do you want to increase your email open rates? Our 109 Testimonial Request Email Subject Line Ideas & Samples will help you do just that. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective subject lines and templates for all types of businesses. You can use these samples as inspiration or copy them exactly as they are! Either way, we know you’ll see results with our tips and tricks.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter if your business is big or small – this guide has something for everyone! From eCommerce companies to restaurants and everything in between, we have what you need to get more people opening up your emails every time. So don’t wait another minute.

Testionial reqmuest email subjetc lines ideas & Samples

Testimonial request email subject lines

  • “Would you be willing to provide a testimonial?”
  • “Your opinion matters to us!”
  • “What did you think of our product/service?”
  • “We would love to hear your feedback!”
  • “Please tell us what you think!”
  • “Would you recommend us to your friends?”
  • “Tell us what you think and help us improve!”
  • “We appreciate your feedback!”
  • “Help us serve you better by telling us what you think!”
  • “What do you think of our product/service?”
  • “We’d love to get your feedback!”
  • “Is there anything we could improve?”
  • Testimonial please :)”
  • Need a testimonial asap!!”
  • Testimonial request”
  • “Could I get your thoughts on…”
  • “May I ask for your help with something?”
  • “This will only take a moment of your time…”
  • “It would mean a lot if you could…”
  • “Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this email.”
  • “Your opinion matters!”
  • “Can we ask for a quick favor?”
  • “We’d love to hear what you think!”
  • ” feedback on our new product”
  • “How did we do?”
  • “Was everything to your satisfaction?”
  • “We’re constantly trying to improve – can you help us out?”
  • “Your input is invaluable!”
  • “A few minutes of your time could make a big difference!”
  • “Have you had a chance to try our new product/service?”
  • “What did you think?”
  • “Would you recommend us to your friends and family?”
  • “Please tell us what you think!”
  • “(Name) would appreciate your feedback!”
  • “(Name) would love to hear from you!”
  • “A favor to ask…”
  • “Quick question for you”
  • “Love your feedback!”
  • “Suggestion for you”
  • “Would you mind taking a quick survey?”
  • “Can I pick your brain?”
  • “Three minutes of your time?”
  • “I need your help!”
  • “Could you provide a testimonial?”
  • Testimonial request for {insert product/service name}”
  • “{First name}, would you recommend us?”

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Tips To write request email subject line ideas & Samples

Subject lines are important for email marketing because they are the first thing that people see. If your subject line is interesting, people are more likely to open your email. If it’s not, they may just delete it without reading the contents.

Here are some tips to write effective testimonial request email subject lines:

1. Use numbers

People love to read ‘Top 5 ways to increase email open rates.’ It’s catchy, simple and informative.

2. Be specific

Writing something like ‘5 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Business’ is too broad for people to get excited about it. On the other hand, ‘5 Brilliant Marketing Strategies That Will Generate Sales’ will definitely get attention.

3. Use ‘YOU’ or ‘YOUR’

Customers are more interested in what they can get from your email as opposed to the product that you’re selling. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to use their name and make them feel important for a change.

4. Tease them

If you can pique someone’s curiosity, they’ll be more likely to open your email. Try using a subject line like ‘You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Used This Trick…’

5. Be funny

Humor is always a good way to get someone’s attention. If you can make someone laugh with your subject line, they’ll be more likely to open your email.

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I hope these ideas and samples have helped you come up with a subject line that will work for your business. If not, let me know in the comment section below what has been working for you so far! We all want to do our best when it comes time to ask customers for feedback on their experience – but if we don’t start with an engaging email subject line, they may never open or respond to our request. Whether you are looking for feedback about customer service or product quality, there is no shortage of ways to get people engaged with your brand by using one of these 109 testimonial request email subject lines as inspiration. Which of these emails would be most appropriate? Let me know in the comments below!

Testimonial request email subject lines

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