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113 Anti drinking slogans Ideas & Taglines

Anti drinking slogans & Tagline ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Do you have a drinking problem? We all know that alcohol is bad for us, but it’s hard to stop. That’s why we created this list of anti-drinking slogans and taglines! They will help you stay on the right path. You can use these slogans as inspiration or share them with your friends who are trying to quit drinking too.

It’s not easy to change our habits, but by using these slogans and taglines, you can remind yourself of your goals every day. And if you need more motivation, just look at some of the statistics about how much money people spend on alcohol each year in America alone! If everyone stopped buying alcohol today, there would be an estimated $100 billion saved per year by 2020. Imagine what else could be done with that kind of money! So let’s start saving now – one slogan at a time!

Slogans against drinking alcohol

Anti drinking and driving slogans

  • “I’m not drunk, I just can’t walk!”
  • “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”
  • “Buzzed driving is for idiots”
  • “Don’t Drink and Drive, Text & Drive”
  • “If You’re Drinking and Driving, You’re a Drunken Driver”
  • “When the Party’s Over, Call a Cab or Designate a Driver”
  • “I’m Not Saying I Wanna Be Your Chauffeur But Don’t Drink and Drive.”
  • “Save Yourself From A DUI!”
  • “‘Cause I’d Rather be Alive Than Dead – So No Drinks Tonight.”
  • “If you drink and drive, you’re a drunk driver”
  • “Every day is a good day not to drink and drive”
  • “It’s just for one more hour, then I’ll stop.”
  • “I don’t need alcohol to have fun with friends.”
  • “Don’t drink and drive – call me!”
  • “I’m not drunk, I’m just a little uncoordinated”
  • “Drinking and driving don’t mix.”
  • “Alcohol doesn’t kill people, cars with alcohol in them do.”
  • “It’s better to be sober than sorry.”
  • “You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”
  • “If you’re going to drink, then take the keys with you.”
  • “It’s not worth it to get behind the wheel after drinking”
  • Drink responsibly! Don’t drink and drive!”
  • Stay sober and save lives
  • Don’t drink and drive, because you might hit a bump in the road
  • If you drink, don’t drive
  • Drink responsibly – it’s not worth risking your life for one night of fun
  • Drinking and driving is never worth the risk!
  • You can always find another ride home if you’re not able to drive yourself!
  • “If you drink, don’t drive”
  • “You can have a good time without alcohol”
  • “Alcohol and driving don’t mix”
  • “Don’t risk your life for the sake of a few drinks”
  • “No one is worth killing or getting killed over!”
  • “I’m not drunk, I just have a high tolerance to alcohol.”

Anti alcohol slogans that rhyme

  • Alcohol is the source of many problems
  • It can lead to violence and accidents
  • It’s a major factor in many diseases
  • It destroys families and relationships
  • It causes unemployment and poverty
  • It’s a major contributor to crime
  • “I’m not drinking, but I’ll still come out with you.”
  • “I don’t drink alcohol because it’s bad for my health.”
  • “No more hangovers, no more regrets.”
  • “If you’re gonna go, at least you know what to expect.”
  • “Alcohol is like a drug that can make your life worse!”
  • It causes health problems
  • “Watching the sun rise on the other side of town”
  • Alcohol is a poison and it will do you harm
  • It’s not the alcohol that makes me drunk, but the liquor in my glass
  • I’m an alcoholic and so are you – we’re all alcoholics now
  • Alcohol kills brain cells as well as liver cells
  • Drink responsibly or just don’t drink at all
  • Alcohol is the source of many problems
  • It destroys families and relationship
  • Join the movement to end alcohol abuse!
  • Drink responsibly
  • Alcohol free is best for you
  • It can lead to violence and accidents
  • No more hangovers with alcohol-free drinks
  • Quit drinking and start living life soberly
  • Abstain from alcohol to be happy, healthy, and wise
  • It’s never too late to give up the booze!Alcohol is a killer
  • It destroys families
  • It makes you do things you regret
  • It’s not worth the risk
  • abstain from alcohol and save your life today!
  • Drink water, not alcohol
  • Keep your liver healthy with veggies
  • Alcohol is a downer – drink coffee instead!
  • Hangover free life – no more headaches or nausea
  • Get the party started without alcohol!
  • Start drinking water today and feel better tomorrow!

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Slogans against drinking alcohol

  • Drink water
  • Say no to alcohol
  • Make your own drinks
  • Get some sleep before drinking
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • “Drunk driving is for losers”
  • “Drinking and driving don’t mix”
  • “Friends don’t let friends drink and drive!”
  • Don’t Drink And Drive! It’s Not Worth The Risk!
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink And Drive!
  • “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just Irish.”
  • “Alcoholism isn’t a disease; it’s a lifestyle choice.”
  • “If we could drink like fish do, we’d all be sober and happy!”
  • “A glass of wine can ruin your life”
  • “Don’t drink and drive”
  • “Take care of your liver, it’s the only one you’ve got!”
  • “Breathe deep, breathe free.”
  • “I’m not an alcoholic… I just have a drinking problem.”
  • “If you’re reading this in the morning, don’t drink tonight.”
  • “Alcohol is the enemy of my health”
  • “Drinking alcohol is like playing Russian roulette.”
  • “People who drink are more likely to be violent, abusive, or depressed.”
  • “I’m not perfect but at least I don’t drink.”
  • “If you’re drinking alcohol you’re not sober enough to drive!”
  • “Alcohol doesn’t make me happy it makes me an alcoholic”
  • “Just say no.”
  • “I’m not drinking tonight, I have a headache.”
  • “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”
  • “No thanks, I’m driving”
  • “Ain’t nobody got time for that”
  • “I’m on vacation!”
  • . “You can sleep when you’re dead”
  • “I don’t need alcohol to have fun”
  • “You deserve a drink”
  • “Drink responsibly, not irresponsibly”
  • “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”
  • “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”
  • “Alcohol is for adults, not kids”
  • “Friends don’t let friends drink and drive”
  • “The only time to drink is with food”
  • “A beer a day keeps the doctor away.”
  • “Don’t drink and drive- you might hit something.”
  • “Drink responsibly or don’t drink at all.”

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Where To use Anti drinking slogans

There are many different places where you can use anti-drinking slogans to help discourage people from drinking. Some of these places include:

  1. 1. At the entrance of liquor stores or bars
  2. On public transportation vehicles or stations
  3. On posters or flyers in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic
  4. At the back of magazines
  5. On billboards
  6. Online with articles or websites
  7. Printed on tangible items such as t-shirts, stickers and more
  8. On radio or television ads
  9. In TV shows or movies where characters are drinking alcohol
  10. Anywhere else you can think of!

A great way to use anti-drinking slogans is to have them on stickers or other tangible items. Stickers are inexpensive and easy to stick anywhere, so you can easily spread the word about drinking alcohol without having to spend lots of money. If someone comes across your sticker, they may be curious as to what it says – this could lead them to find out more about the reason you created the anti-drinking slogan and why they should refrain from drinking alcohol.

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Quick Tips To Write Catchy Slogans For Anti Drinking

Slogans are a great tool to spread awareness as it is quite effective that way. In modern times, using slogans as a medium for spreading awareness has been an increasingly prevalent practice. For instance, if you’re dealing with anti-drinking campaigns then the best way would be to use catchy slogans to send across your message efficiently.

The following are a few quick tips to help you write catchy slogans for anti-drinking campaigns:

1. Keep It Short And Sweet: When it comes to slogans, brevity is key. Make sure that your slogan is easy to remember and can be easily conveyed in a sentence or two. This will make it easier for people to remember and spread the word about your campaign.

2. Be Inspirational: Slogans should be inspiring and make people want to change their behaviour for the better. Use positive words and phrases in your slogan to encourage people to stop drinking.

3. Be Engaging: Make sure that your slogan is engaging and interesting enough to get people’s attention. Don’t just use plain words, but also try using evocative language that will draw people in.

4. Avoid Negative Slogans: While anti-drinking slogans are meant to discourage people from drinking, they should not come across as negative or depressing. Make sure that your slogan conveys positivity and hope so that it encourages people to take up the campaign.

5. Avoid Exaggeration: Sudden change is not easy and expecting it of people is often unrealistic. Do not use words that are hyperbolic or exaggerate beyond a point as this will only end up alienating your audience from the message you’re trying to convey.

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We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next marketing campaign or slogan in this list of 113 anti drinking slogans. As we mentioned at the beginning, we only listed a few that were more on the serious side and not so much on the funny side. But if you need help with coming up with an idea for your company – let us know! Our team is ready to brainstorm new taglines and slogans for any type of business. If nothing else, these ideas will give you food for thought when it comes to talking about alcohol abuse prevention and awareness campaigns. Let me know what your thoughts are below!

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