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191+ Hotel Name Ideas & Suggestions To Start New Hotel

Hotel Name ideas
Written by Danish Ali

Are you looking for Hotel name ideas & suggestions? When it comes to naming your business, you first need to narrow down on a name that defines your company. After all the hard work you have done over the years, giving it a name is probably one of the most difficult parts. With so many rules and regulations, choosing an appropriate name for your hotel becomes even more complex. Whether you own a hotel in Lake Taupo or one on the outskirts of town, having the right name can really give you a that competitive edge.

Naming your hotel after its location or owner is typically not a wise idea because

1) It can confuse clients who may think they are already in the hotel when they are not
2) Naming your hotel ‘Anna’ doesn’t help anyone to find where your hotel might be located
3) Who owns (Your) Hotel?

You need something unique that will immediately catch someone’s attention. Start by choosing a theme that could be based on your geography, the activities or any special event you might be involved in.

Start by brainstorming a few ideas, don’t limit yourself to just one name so you can have a good range of choices that interest you. Write them down on a piece of paper and then cut out the ones that are not great. You can also read through these names at night before going to bed because it increases your creativity during sleep time.

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Spanish Hotel Name ideas
Spanish Hotel Name ideas

Hotel Name Ideas & Suggestions Lists

Names with words like ‘New’, ‘Paradise’ etc. are great because they make people feel like they are about to discover something right off the bat. Here is a list of 100+ company name ideas that will guide you through this process:

  • Oasis Hotel
  • The New Resort
  • Paradise Beach Hotel
  • Lavish Inn
  • Cottages at Nature Park
  • Ritzy Hotel
  • Seaside Villa Resort
  • Luxury Suite Breeze House
  • Pearl’s Place by the Sea
  • Abode by Ocean Lane
  • White Surf Hotel
  • My Dream Landscape Resort
  • Sunny Haven Boutique
  • Voyage Island Inn
  • Threes A Charm Guest House
  • Woodberry Heights
  • Pine Mountains Resorts
  • The New Victorian
  • Ocean City Hotel
  • Heavenly Hideaway
  • Beachside Oasis
  • Majestic Beach Motel
  • Freshwater Villa
  • Blue Deluxe Studio
  • Sunset Avenue Hotel
  • Seaside Luxury
  • Emerald Palace
  • World Class Resort
  • Poolside Paradise
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Garden Townhouse
  • Aloha Cove
  • Tropical Breezes
  • Pristine Villas
  • Green Palms
  • Seabreeze Bungalow
  • Grand View Hotel
  • Ocean Pearl Inn
  • Seaside Retreat
  • The Calm Resort
  • Azure Paradise Villa
  • Ethereal Residence
  • Diamond Cove Hotel
  • White Sands Hotel
  • Summer House
  • Dreams Come True
  • Leisure Park Hotel
  • Luxury Beach
  • Sunny View Hotel
  • Serene Resort
  • The New Castle
  • Paradise Stay
  • The New City
  • World Class Destination
  • Ocean Breeze Inn

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Best Ideas Of Hotel Names

  • Exclusive Retreat
  • Oasis Avenue
  • Paradise Cove
  • Seaside Harbor
  • Tropical Views
  • Pearl’s Bungalow
  • Classic Woods
  • Fantasy Heaven
  • Summer Sands
  • Dominion Lake
  • Refreshing Villa
  • Blue Splash
  • Awe-inspiring
  • Sunrise Beach Hotel
  • Sunset Resorts
  • Pacific Oasis
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Diamond Village
  • Royal Villa
  • Majestic
  • Dreamland
  • Incredible
  • Penthouse Suite
  • Heavenly
  • Beauteous
  • Awesome Place
  • Grand
  • Breathtaking
  • Perfection
  • Sunny
  • Exotic
  • Monarch
  • Magnificent
  • Unparalleled
  • Amazing
  • Gorgeous
  • Heavenly
  • Luxury
  • World Class
  • New Horizon
  • Remarkable
  • Resplendent
  • Contemporary
  • Modern
  • Royal

Finally, remember that the instant someone hears or sees your hotel’s name they should get an immediate idea about what they can expect from you, so this means that choosing the right words is vital. Using names like ‘Sunny’, ‘Blue Sky’, etc. can easily give people a glimpse of what life will be like when they are staying at your property. So make sure to take some time choosing something original yet relevant!

Just keep this process up until you’ve found a title that excites you and will make people remember your company when they hear it!

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Spanish Hotel Name ideas & Suggestions

The first impression of a hotel is its name, and with a great name, you capture the attention of those who will be potential clients.

In my previous post, I talked about how to choose a good business name. In this article, we make a list of Spanish names for hotels created especially for Spanish-speaking travelers.

You are not required to use them, but I hope the list helps you come up with your own name!

A little advice is never wrong: make sure people can remember your name by not being too long or strange. If you choose a strange name it may create doubts in potential clients who then will seek other options on the web.

  • Hoteles – Hotels
  • Casas rurales – Guest houses or country house
  • Alojamientos – Lodgings
  • Pensiones – Pensions
  • Apartamentos turisticos – Tourist apartments
  • Locales comerciales – Commercial premises
  • Albergues – Hostals / shelters
  • Hosterías – Hostals or shelters
  • Casas de huéspedes – Guest houses (small)
  • Estables – Stables
  • Residenciales – Residential properties
  • Baserios – Basements / Cellars
  • Chalets – Chalets
  • Bungalows – Bungalow’s
  • Campings – Camping
  • Casas rurales – Rural houses
  • Cabañas – Cabins
  • Bungalows – Bungalow’s

Notes: The term ‘hostel’ in Spain is used to refer specifically to establishments geared towards young backpackers, which isn’t the same meaning than in other countries. The term hostels refer more accurately to guesthouses or pensions. Finally, Apartamentos describe an accommodation that rents out short stay apartments. For example, student flats can be rented all year round.

Conclusion About Hotel Name ideas & Suggestions

The above list is just a starting point for you to get some ideas on how to name your company. It doesn’t have to stop here though, as the previous list only covers the first 100 hotel name ideas. Keep browsing through all these names and think about which one really resonates with your brand. The goal here is not to take it lightly, so do invest time thinking of an awesome title for your company. You really don’t want to end up with a lackluster name like ‘Modern Hotel’ because it will kill your brand and you’ll lose out on business. People will start to think of your hotel as mediocre and won’t be able to associate with you. Hope you will enjoy the article and find what you need.

Creative hotel name ideas
Creative hotel name ideas

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