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119+ Summer email subject lines That open Quickly

Summer email subject lines
Written by Danish Ali

If you’re looking for some fresh ideas to send emails to your customers this summer, then look no further. These 119+ Summer email subject lines are sure to get opened and read! You’ll find everything from specific topics like “Memorial Day Sales” and “Summer Travel Deals” to more general topics like “Hello Everyone!” There’s something for everyone in this list of subject lines that will make any email stand out in the inbox.

Did you know: Did you know that a person is 60% more likely open an email if it has a personal greeting? That’s why we’ve included greetings such as “Hi there,” or even better, use your customer’s name in the subject line! It might seem simple but it can Create Impact.

Summer is the time for vacations, lazy days by the pool or at the beach. Summer can also be a busy time of year. There are graduations, weddings, and summer vacation trips to plan for. As soon as you get that email notification that your inbox has 50 unread emails in it, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. You’re already thinking about all of the work you need to do before next week starts so reading through them seems like another task on top of everything else. So here are Some of Summer email subject lines that help you.

Summer subject lines for emails

  • “Hey, I need your help”
  • “I have a question for you”
  • “What are you up to this weekend?”
  • “It’s been awhile since we talked”
  • “Can’t wait to see you soon!”
  • “How was your day?”
  • The summer is here!
  • It’s summer time and the livin’ is easy
  • Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities this season
  • Send a care package to someone you love
  • Get ready for back-to-school with these tips
  • Check out our latest products at [store]!
  • “5 things to do in the great outdoors”
  • “10 summer songs for your playlist”
  • “How to make a watermelon smoothie for a hot day”
  • “9 ways to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank”
  • “7 recipes for backyard BBQs that will impress your friends and family!”
  • “A guide to packing light on vacation with kids.”
  • “Hey, what’s up?”
  • “I’m so glad you’re my friend!”
  • “Just wanted to say hi”
  • “What are your plans for the weekend?”
  • “Hi from [name]! I hope you have a great day!”
  • “[Name], just thinking about you today.”
  • “I hope you’re having a great summer!”
  • “If you’re not doing anything this weekend, let’s hang out.”
  • “Hey, it looks like we have the same schedule this week!”
  • “Do you want to go see that new movie?”
  • “Did I mention how much I love summer?”
  • “What are your plans for the long weekend?”
  • “You deserve a break today”
  • “It’s time to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air!”
  • “The perfect way to cool off this summer?”
  • “We’re giving away $1000 in Amazon gift cards, so enter now!”
  • “Take a break from work with these 5 minutes of relaxation”

“A few days ago I was reading about how people are going back to typewriters because they think it gives them more focus while they write emails – what do you think?”

summer sale subject lines

  • “Summer is here, time to shop!”
  • “Take advantage of our summer sale!”
  • “It’s hot outside so stay cool with our latest deals”
  • “Summertime means more savings for you”
  • “There’s no better time than now to get your hands on these limited-edition products”
  • “Don’t miss out on this chance to save big at the best prices we’ve ever offered! Hurry before it’s too late.”
  • “Summer’s here, so what better time to shop?”
  • “The sun is shining and the weather is perfect for shopping”
  • “It’s summertime and we’re having a sale!”
  • “We’ve got some great deals on right now – check them out!”
  • “Shop our latest arrivals before they’re gone”
  • “[insert item] just arrived in store! Come get it while you can.”
  • “Summer is coming and we’re ready for you!”
  • “It’s time to get the party started”
  • “The sun will be out soon, so it’s not too late to buy your summer wardrobe”
  • “Sale ends in 2 days! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!”
  • “Shop now to save up to 60% off!”
  • “Don’t miss out on these awesome deals!”
  • “One day only – shop our summer sale today”
  • “End of season sale – get 10% off your purchase”
  • “Summer is almost here, so we’re having a clearance sale!”
  • “[Brand] Summer Sale! Get 20% Off Your Purchase Today.”
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summer newsletter subject lines

  • “Stay cool this summer with these tips!”
  • “The perfect way to spend your summer”
  • “How to beat the heat this summer”
  • “10 Tips for beating the heat this summer”
  • “Summer survival guide – 10 ways to make it through the season”
  • “Beat the Heat This Summer With These 5 Simple Steps.”
  • The summer of our lives
  • Summer is here!
  • A season of new beginnings
  • What’s your favorite summer memory so far this year, and why do you love it so much ?”
  • Get ready for some summer fun with these DIY projects !””6.”
  • “It’s time to get organized!”
  • “This is your last chance for summer fun”
  • “The end of the school year is coming soon”
  • “Get ready for back-to-school shopping with these tips and tricks!”
  • “How can you be more prepared this fall?”
  • “Take advantage of our free tutoring program before it ends!”
  • Summer is here
  • Get ready for summer fun
  • 10 ways to enjoy the summer sun
  • 5 reasons why you should live in a warmer climate
  • What’s your favorite summer activity, and how can it be improved with these tips from experts
  • 3 easy steps to prepare for a day at the beach#

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End of summer sale email subject lines

  • Summer’s almost over – get your favorite items for a fraction of the price
  • Last chance to enjoy summer before it’s gone!
  • Get ready for fall with our end-of-summer sale
  • Time is running out on this great deal, don’t miss out!
  • Don’t let the last few days of summer slip by without getting something you’ve been wanting
  • Make sure to stop in and grab these deals before they’re gone forever!
  • Summer’s almost over, so it’s time to get your final bids in!
  • 50% off everything – this offer expires soon
  • The countdown is on for summer sale madness
  • Get the best deals of the year before they’re gone forever
  • Hurry up and shop now or you’ll miss out on our amazing offers!
  • Don’t let these great deals slip away from you – act now!
  • “Summer’s almost over – hurry and get your favorite summer clothes before they’re gone!”
  • “It’s the last chance to buy these hot items”
  • “End of summer sale! Get 50% off today only”
  • “Last call for summer deals!”
  • “Don’t miss out on this great offer, it won’t be around forever.”
  • “Limited time offer! Hurry up before you miss out!”
  • “End of summer sale! Shop now to save”
  • “The end is near – get your favorites before they’re gone!”
  • “Shop the last few hours of our summer sale”
  • “Summer must-haves on sale for one more day!”
  • “Don’t miss out on these deals before it’s too late!”
  • Change up your subject line with a question, like, “Which deal are you most excited about?” or “What’s your favorite thing so far?”
  • The last of summer sale!
  • Last chance to get these deals before they’re gone!
  • Get your hands on these incredible deals before it’s too late
  • Shop now for the best prices of the year!
  • Don’t miss out on these amazing savings this weekend only!
  • Hurry, today’s your last chance to save big time at our store !!! * (fill in with your business name) *

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Tips To Write Subject Lines That open Quickly

Use these tested Summer email subject lines writing tips to ensure you catch the attention of your subscribers. Your subject lines are the first thing your audience reads, so make them count.

If you are interested in boosting your open rates, try testing different email marketing campaigns. There are many factors that go into a successful newsletter campaign–like what to write about and when to send it. But one of the most important decisions you make is what to name your email.

Your subject line is the first thing your audience sees, so it’s important to make sure it’s catchy and interesting. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, so be sure to test different subject lines to see which ones get the most opens.

You can also try using some of the following tips to write subject lines that open quickly:

  1. Include Numbers: People love lists, and they love numbers even more. Including a number in your subject line is a great way to get attention.
  2. Use Urgency: Add a sense of urgency to your subject line to get people to open it right away.
  3. Include Questions: People love to answer questions, so including one in your subject line is a great way to get attention.
  4. Be Personal: Use your subscriber’s name in the subject line to make it more personal.
  5. Include Promotions: If you are running a special promotion, be sure to include it in the subject line.
  6. Be Funny: A funny or quirky subject line can help you stand out from the crowd.
  7. Test, Test, Test: The only way to know which subject lines work best for your audience is to test them. Try different types of subject lines and see which ones get the most opens.


Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas for openers to try. I’ve also provided a few more examples of good ones that weren’t included on this list, so be sure to check those out as well! If you’re looking for some help with your marketing strategy, we can work together and create Summer email subject lines that is going to generate clicks from recipients who are interested in what they see! Contact us today or leave a comment below about how these subject lines helped drive traffic towards your site or business 🙂

end of summer sale email subject lines
end of summer sale email subject lines

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