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71 Types of Email Subject Lines that Reader Must open

Types of Email Subject Lines
Written by Danish Ali

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost your business. But, with so many emails being sent every day, how do you make sure yours stand out? We’ve compiled a list of 71 Types of Email Subject lines that are proven to grab attention and increase open rates.

This blog will give readers an engaging introduction on email subject lines that they can use for their own benefit. It also provides benefits of each type as well as what makes it unique from others. A headline is the first thing someone will see when looking at your email. Your headline needs to make them want to read more and go directly to the website or call you right now. So Without wasting time lets have a look into Types of Email Subject lines

Types of Email Subject lines

Here are some types of headlines you can use:

1) General: Hello, this is XYZ company and we would like to introduce ourselves

2) Direct: Now available! Our newest product

3) Emotional: Stop looking, you’ve found the perfect shoes for your wedding

4) Comparison: Our prices are 70% less than department stores

5) Question: Want to buy? How to contact us quickly.

6) Statement (by customer): XX customers chose our products in the past because of XYZ features.

7) Statement (by company): Our products are known for XX reason.

8) Giveaway: Free product with every purchase over $XX

9) Urgency: Limited time offer ends in two days. Hurry!

10) Value proposition: Get all the information you need for free. No obligation to buy.

11) Anticipation: All the details on an exciting new product that you will love.

12) Invitation: Do something different, try us out today!

13) Support: We are here for you 24/7 with live chat and phone support. Free trial available.

14) How it works: Discover how our products work.

15) Benefit: Achieved that perfect look by using ABC cream/product. It will do the same for you!

16) Facts/data: Over XX million people have chosen us to fulfill their needs.

17) Testimonial: We are so happy with the product XYZ, here is what our clients say:

18) Question: What do you think of ABC?

19) News: Get the latest news about the product.

20) Priorities/values statement: We value your business and want to make it easy for you to choose us.

21) Complimentary: Here are some of our best products, free with your order.

22) Famous quote/keyword: A penny saved is a penny earned.

23) How you can help others: Our newest cancer fighting drug helps people just like you.

24) Positive affirmation: You look great today! Have you lost weight?

25) Negative affirmation: You look tired, have you been sleeping?

26) Comparison: Meet our newest product. It’s like XYZ, but better!

27) Pre-header text: Claim your free trial today

28) Discounts/coupons: 15% off with code ABC at checkout

29) Other benefit: We guarantee you will love our service.

32) Notice of embargo or non-disclosure: This email contains proprietary information.

34) Question: How did it go with ABC the other day?

35) Disclaimer: Legal stuff.

36) Introduction to a new feature or product line: Meet our new XYZ! It’s the latest in technology for XX customers.

37) Job position opening: Calling all car enthusiasts, sales positions available now.

38) Factoid/statistic: Did you know that XX% of customers say XYZ?

39) New location: We’re opening a new office in your area. Visit us soon!

40) Tools/supplies you need: Check out our XX and X, perfect for building DIY projects.

41) How to do something correctly: Want to set up an email marketing campaign but don’t know how?

42) How to attract someone: Our newest product is known for XX reason.

43) Notice of an upcoming event: Did you know our company is hosting a conference in your area on QQ? Reserve your spot now!

44) Follow up email about meeting or discussion: We discussed the new account opening process and a few changes we need to make.

45) Question about a recent article/event: I saw on Twitter that you attended QQ, how did it go?

46) List of benefits: Over XX main benefits our products provide.

47) Testimonials from clients: We are so happy with the product XYZ, here is what our clients say:

48) How you can help us: We need more information before we proceed with XYZ.

49) Thank you for your business: Thank you for choosing us, here’s to the next 5 years!

50) Time sensitive material/notification about upcoming event: Hurry, last day of registration ends soon.

51) Technical change/notification: We are updating our products soon, get ready.

52) Request for participation in research study or survey: Can you take a few minutes to fill out this survey? The answers will help us improve your experience tomorrow!

53) Social media call to action: Join us on Facebook – every like gets a coupon.

54) Invitation to a webinar: We’re hosting XYZ today at 1 PM EST, join us.

55) What can you expect from next email/follow up email: Here’s what we discussed in the meeting yesterday.

56) Introduction to new topic or product line: In our last email, we talked about XX. Today we would like to discuss XYZ.

57) Flash sale: Hurry over, today only!

58) Question about a recent article/event/survey: Did you see our latest post on Twitter? What did you think of the new look?

59) Feature announcement: Introducing product CCC.

60) Notice of a problem: We’re having a few issues with our servers. You may experience some down time in the upcoming days.

61) Notice of a change/conflict/controversy: There have been changes to our policies, check your inbox for more details.

62) Request for feedback: Give us honest feedback about our company, what did we do well and what can we improve?

63) New store opening: We’re opening a new location in your area. Visit us soon!

64) Limited time offer: All deals end at XX so hurry over!

65) Personal recommendation from owner/CEO: Our latest product is personally endorsed by me, here is why I love it.

66) Question about QQ: What do you think of our latest post on Twitter?

67) Invitation to a webinar: Join us today for XYZ’s step-by-step guide to XX.

68) Challenge/contest: Are you up for the challenge?

69) Invitation to newsletter: Join our team, sign up for the weekly newsletter.

70) Announcement about a meeting or conference: Our company will be hosting XYZ next month, register now if you would like to attend.

71) Warning about technical difficulties: I’m sorry, the form is currently down for maintenance.

Final Thoughts

This blog post is full of 71 Types of Email Subject Lines that will make readers open your emails. If you want to know the secret to craft an irresistible, attention-grabbing subject line for your next marketing campaign or newsletter blast then this article has got it. You’ll learn how to use powerful words and phrases like “Secret,” “You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!” and more in order to attract clicks from potential customers who are interested in what’s inside your latest message. Comment below if any of these tips helped you craft a better headline for future campaigns!

Types of Email Subject Lines ideas
Types of Email Subject Lines ideas

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