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111 Business meeting email subject line examples & Samples

Business meeting email subject line
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Whether you’re attending a meeting in person or virtually, you need to send a strong email introduction. These 111 business meeting email subject line examples can help you craft an attention-grabbing message that introduces you and your agenda. With so many different types of meetings, it can be tough to know how to introduce yourself properly. But these email subject lines will give you some ideas on how to get started. So don’t stress out about crafting the perfect intro – just use one of these examples and go from there!

The email subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. It’s what grabs people’s attention and persuades them to open your message. But it can be tough to come up with a good subject line on the spot, so we’ve compiled many examples you can start with for your next business meeting or appointment reminder email. Use these templates as inspiration for crafting an effective title that will get customers excited about opening your message.

Business meeting email subject line examples

  1. I have a great idea for our next meeting
  2. What are your thoughts on _
  3. Let’s go over the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting
  4. Do you have any questions about __ ?
  5. We need to talk about __ before the meeting starts
  6. Please RSVP by Friday so we can get an accurate headcount of how many people will be attending!
  7. Meeting on Tuesday
  8. Meeting Reminder
  9. Please RSVP for the meeting
  10. Follow Up to our last meeting
  11. A question about our last meeting
  12. I have a question about your email from yesterday morning…
  13. “I’m glad you’re on board”
  14. “I appreciate your help”
  15. “It will be a pleasure to work with you”
  16. “We’ll make it happen!”
  17. “What’s next?”
  18. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!”
  19. “Your opinion matters!”
  20. “I need your help”
  21. “How do you think this will go?”
  22. “Can I get a yes or no answer from you?”
  23. “You’re the one who knows best”
  24. This is important to me!
  25. I need your help
  26. Need a quick response
  27. Critical meeting next week
  28. Urgent request for feedback
  29. I have an idea that’s worth discussing with you in our next meeting
  30. Can we talk about this over the phone or Skype before our next meeting date ?””
  31. “Meeting request”
  32. “Subject line for meeting request”
  33. “Please reply to this email if you would like to attend the meeting.”
  34. “Attendance requested at a meeting.”
  35. “Requesting your assistance in planning a meeting.”
  36. “Interested in attending?”
  37. “We need to talk about the future of our company”
  38. “I wanted to share my thoughts on your leadership skills”
  39. “Can I offer you some feedback?”
  40. “Do you have time for a quick conversation?”
  41. “I want to discuss an idea with you”
  42. “There’s something I need to tell you”

Quick Tips To Write Meeting Subject line

A meeting subject line should be clear, concise and straightforward. Remember that you are not writing for yourself but for the reader who is receiving your mail. The more words you use in the subject line, the smaller or harder to read it gets hence less chance of getting attention from the receiver.

  1. Keep it simple! If the subject is too long, your email will probably get cut off and your reader won’t be able to see the whole title. A good rule of thumb is to keep your titles under 65 characters if possible, or about 3-5 words.
  2. Keep it specific! A meeting subject line that’s too vague can make it difficult for your recipients to know what the meeting is about and whether or not they should attend. Keep everyone on track by making sure that your subject line explains exactly what the meeting will cover, who will be there, and where to find more information.
  3. Avoid typos! Make sure that anything you include in the meeting subject line is spelled correctly and accurately reflects the meeting’s purpose. Nothing will frustrate your recipients more than seeing a typo in the subject line of an important email!

Now that you know how to write a meeting subject line that will grab your reader’s attention, put these tips into practice and see how much more smoothly your next meeting goes!


111 Business meeting email subject line examples & samples. We hope you find this list helpful for all of your future business meetings, just remember to keep it professional and concise! For more tips on how to write an effective email that will grab the recipient’s attention, check out our blogpost “How To Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened.” If you have any questions or want help with a particular situation please let us know below in the comments section or reach out directly by clicking here. Have fun writing emails!

effective subject lines for sales emails
effective subject lines for sales emails

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