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107 Contest email subject lines to Attract more Participant

Contest email subject lines to Attract more Participant
Written by Danish Ali

Do you want to increase the number of participants in your next contest? We’ve got 107 subject lines that will help you attract more people. They are proven winners, so they have a high chance of increasing participation rates. You can use them for any kind of contest or giveaway subject lines.

These subject lines are all tested and ready to go! All you need to do is copy and paste them into your email campaign software, then send it out. It’s simple as that! No guesswork involved at all. And if you don’t believe us, just check out our testimonials page on our website! We have hundreds of happy customers who rave about how effective these subject lines are at getting new leads for their contests and giveaways. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with these winning subject lines!

competition email subject lines

Contest email subject lines

  • “It’s time to get your game on!”
  • “Think you’ve got what it takes?”
  • “Show us what you’re made of!”
  • “Rise to the challenge!”
  • “Prove you’re the best!”
  • “Put your skills to the test!”
  • “Compete for the title!”
  • “Battle for the top spot!”
  • “Stake your claim!”
  • “‘X’ is looking for a challenge!”
  • “Are you up for the task?”
  • “Can you handle the heat?”
  • “The gloves are off!”
  • “#1 spot is up for grabs!”
  • “Time’s running out!”
  • “Only a few days left!”
  • “Enter now for your chance to win!”
  • ” Don’t miss your chance!”
  • ” Hurry, before it’s too late!”
  • ” _ amazing prize up for grabs!”
  • ” Act fast!”
  • “_ very limited spots available!”
  • ” register today!”
  • ” Last call!”
  • ends soon 1
  • Final hours!
  • coming to a close
  • . in its last days
  • . concluding soon!
  • Time is running out! Enter now for your chance to win [prize]
  • Don’t miss your chance to win [prize] in our contest!
  • Enter now and you could be our next big winner!
  • We’re giving away [prize] – enter today for your chance to win!
  • Just a few days left to enter our contest!
  • hurry! Deadline for entries is coming up soon!
  • Get your entries in before it’s too late!
  • Are you our next big winner? Find out by entering today!
  • Who will be our next lucky winner? Enter now and find out!
  • Could you be our next big winner? Enter today to find out!
  • One lucky person will win

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Competition email subject lines

  • “You’re Invited to Our Biggest Competition Yet!”
  • “The Challenge Begins!”
  • ” time to put your skills to the test!”
  • “Competition opens today!”
  • “It’s time to see who’s the best!”
  • ” who will come out on top?”
  • “The stakes are high in this one!”
  • “There’s nothing like a good competition!”
  • “Rise to the occasion!”
  • “Do you have what it takes?”
  • “Prove yourself in this competition!”
  • “Step up and meet the challenge!”
  • “This is what you’ve been training for!”
  • “Go for broke in this one!”
  • “Leave it all on the field!”
  • “No holds barred in this competition!”
  • “Get Ready to Win BIG!”
  • “It’s Time to Test Your Skills!”
  • “Think You Have What It Takes?”
  • “Show Us What You’re Made Of!”
  • “Rising to the Challenge”
  • “Prove You’re the Best!”
  • “Go Head-to-Head in Our Competition!”
  • “The Ultimate Test”
  • “Compete for a Chance to WIN!”
  • “Do You Have What It Takes?”
  • “Are You Up for the Challenge?”
  • “Put Your Skills to the Test”
  • “Show Us What You Can Do!”
  • “We’re Ready for Your Best!”
  • “You Could Win a Trip to Australia!”
  • “Enter to Win a Year’s Worth of Free Coffee!”
  • “Win a Shopping Spree at our Store!”
  • “Enter for a Chance to Win a New car!”
  • “Enter Our Contest for a Chance to Win a Dream Vacation!”
  • “We’re Giving Away $10,000! Enter Our Contest Now.”
  • “Win an iPhone XS Max! Enter Our Contest Today.”
  • “500 Winners! Enter Our Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win.”
  • “You Could Be Our Next Millionaire! Enter Our Contest Now.”
  • “Enter Our Giveaway for a Chance to Win Free Tickets!”

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Quick Tips To Write subject lines to Attract more Participant

Now that you know how to write a contest email subject line, here are some quick tips to help you attract more participants.

1. Keep it Short

Your email subject line should be brief and to the point. This will ensure that your recipients will have enough time to read it before they move on to the next message in their inbox. A good rule of thumb is to keep it around 50 characters or less, which leaves enough room for some extra space between the email subject line and the “send” button.

2. Make it Relevant

People are more inclined to open an email that’s relevant to their thoughts, opinions, interests or profession. Try to tailor your email subject line to be as relevant as possible to the interests of your target audience.

3. Use Catchy Phrases

People are attracted to catchy phrases. If you can come up with a clever email subject line that’s also relevant to your target audience, you’re sure to get more people to open your email.

4. Keep it Clear and Concise

Your email subject line must be clear and concise so that recipients can immediately understand what your contest is about, as well as the benefits of joining. If they’re still unsure whether to open or delete your message, then you haven’t done a very good job crafting your email subject line.

5. Use Numbers

People love lists and they also love numbers. If you can work a number into your email subject line, it will instantly catch the attention of your recipients. This is because people are constantly looking for information that can help them make better decisions in life.

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We’ve compiled a list of 107 contest email subject lines that will help you attract more participants. Whether your goal is to increase engagement, get people sharing on social media or just get more entries in the first place, these subjects should be able to spark some ideas for you and give you new inspiration when it comes time to write an email about your next giveaway. What are your thoughts? Let me know and comment below!

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